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About Us

Chalakuzhi Nidhi Limited (CNL)

We are specialized in several job scopes ranging shows an upward slope. There are various business services we offering to our customers like property loan, gold loan, fixed deposits and recurring deposits.

In case of a property or gold loan, we offer both loans at a very competitive interest rate as well as easy procedures to our customers. We offer the best per gram rate on Gold Loans and high interest on deposits.



Our company's mission is to provide quality services to the utmost satisfaction for our clients/ customers and to provide anytime, anywhere banking in the near future.


Our vision is to become a prominent and reliable Financial institution in the market we serve.


We start with observing and assessing customers and then suggesting an appropriate way to help them with their requirements. CNL relies on a strong relationship with its clients and customers. In order to form this relationship between the customer and the company, we make sure to provide quality services.


We believe in keeping our values as much as our customers. Values such as honesty, transparency and integrity are of the utmost importance when dealing with our clients or customers. Here in Chalakuzhi Nidhi Limited we try to be as open and as frank as possible with our clients.


Our company was established in 1973 by the late Mr CM Poulose. Our business initiated with the process of money lending, timber trading and furniture manufacturing. In 1992 - We got registered under KML act 1958 with a registered name "Chalakuzhi financiers", giving a new platform for customers to walk through a hassle-free financial environment. By the year 1997 - A new private limited company was formed under the parent company by the name "Chalakuzhi credits and investments Pvt Ltd, which focused mainly on business working capital funds and property investments. By the end of that century in the year 2000 - we introduced "Paulson wood industry" with exclusive 8470 sqft showrooms in Pathanamthitta district, which by late 2000 got us Goodrej and Nilkamal dealership. Sensing the huge possibility in metal trading in the year 2009 - Chalakuzy groups started trading in gold, brass and copper. And an year later by 2010 we successfully managed to open an exclusive jewellery by the name "Chalakuzhi fashion jewellers". Preceding all those successful years in 2017 - we incorporated Chalakuzhi Nidhi Limited under the authority of Central Government of India.

Currently, as part of banking expansion, as we are getting major enquiries regarding property loan and gold loan, for which we came with an idea and facilities of getting one capsule bank in every panchayat, were people can self operate as well with 24×7 voice assistance for services like gold loan, property loan enquiries, deposits, money transfer, ticketings, and much more. In banking, Chalakuzhi group has dedicated financial service draws on more than 35 years of experience in the field.